I Love The Month of March!

For those of you who don’t know March Madness has begun! If those of you don’t know what March Madness is then you are missing out! It is three weeks of thrilling, heart wrenching, crazy, days of college basketball games.

Here at the Kelly household we like to have a little competition. Each member of my family fills out a bracket and decided who we think will win each game. For the Men i chose North Carolina to win and for the Women i chose Duke to win. Duke women haven’t won a championship yet, but this year i believe in them!

Today though there was a little scare on the men’s side. It was the most entertaining game today. But before i go on let me tell you that Ohio State is ranked number 1 and Xaiver is ranked number 9. Now once you see there ranking many people think (counting me) that Ohio St. would whoop them because there ranked 1. Well many people thought wrong….


The Low Down of the Ohio State vs. Xaiver Game


In the second half of the game Ohio State trailed 61-52 with 2:54 to play. By this time many people thought the game was over and this would be one of many upsets. Bethany was one of them because she chose Ohio State to win the championship (besides the point). Well with seconds remaing Lewis became not only Bethany’s but many peoples favortie person at that moment. He came down the court and hit an amazing 3-pointer, then got a quick steal drove to the rim and made his layup got fouled so had a 3-point play, then on top of that he had the 3-pointer that sent the game to overtime. By this time Ohio State was very confident and the beat Xaiver 78-71. Overall is was an awesome game and this and many others is one of the reasons i love the month of March!

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