Being Young and M&M’s


One night when i was around 3 or 4 years old, i thought i would try to be a little sneaky and mischevious! My dad had some M&M’s and he hid them in the kitchen. Well I was lucky enough to see were he hid them. So i went into my bedroom and “pretended” i was asleep until i knew my parents were in bed. Once i heard my parents heads drop to their pillows, i tip toed out of my room and went into the kitchen. I was on a mission to get those M&M’s!

Being the Adventurous person i am, i pulled a chair up to the counter and with it’s help climbed up onto the counter. Then i grabbed those M&M’s and shoved as many M&M’s i could into my mouth! At that second i heard a “CREAK” from my parents bedroom! Uh oh i heard footsteps and then my dad appeared in the doorway.

 My dad had a stern face and said “Leesy what are you doing? Did you eat some of my M&M’s?” So i thought i would try and trick my daddy and replied with chocolate dripping down the sides of my mouth “No.” Well of course he knew i have and back into bed i went.

 I don’t really ever know if i got in trouble. I never heard the rest of the story after my dad caught me. Maybe I was just too cute that my parents couldn’t punish me! :  ]

2 thoughts on “Being Young and M&M’s

  1. Welcome to the blogging world, Elise! You’re right, you were so cute we couldn’t punish you. 🙂 We could always “catch up” on the punishment though…hmmm….what an interesting idea!

    Love ya,
    Your Mom

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