I Am Blessed


Throughout my life i have been very blessed with two AMAZING friends!

 There is Jovan Rhoades that is pictured in the left picture above, and Jenny Freyta that is pictured above on the right.

 Jovan has had such an impact on my life! She has showed me what a Godly woman is and is truly a wonderful role model. I love to hang out with her because she makes me laugh and there is never a dull moment when we are together! I love talking to Jovan because she is a great listener and knows good advice. We are also love to cook together too even though she is better at it than I am. : ] Jovan is a beautiful woman inside and out and someone that can never be replaced! I Love you so much Jovan!!

Jenny Freyta is a funny gal! She cracks me up all the time! Jenny is another incredible role model in my life! I can talk to her about anything and everything.  I love to shop with her because she knows style and makes me look cute! : ] Everytime I spend time with her my day always brightens! Jenny is another Godly woman that is full of life. I love her to pieces and i couldn’t ask for anyone better!! I Love you so much too Jenny!


Jovan and Jenny, Thank you for everything you have done for me and taught me! You guys are incredible and I Love you tons!! : ]

God has truly blessed me with these two WONDERFUL friends and I thank him everyday for that!

2 thoughts on “I Am Blessed

  1. Leesy Lou!!! My eyes were welling up reading this, you are so sweet! I am truly blessed by knowing you, you are one of my favorite people on this planet! I love you so much and I’ve missed you. I can’t wait to tell you about my NY adventures!!!

  2. Ahhhh!! Elisey pot pie! I love you! That means so much to me! What a blessing you are to have in my life! Elise you are such an amazing girl! I love you and I am so pleased to call you my friend!

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