Don’t Pass GO

This past week I have been on spring break. It has been excellent, I slept in, babysat a few days and made some money and I got to do whatever I want. One thing I haven’t enjoyed is playing Monopoly!

The first time I played was with my sister Bethany, her boyfriend Louis and our friend Noah. Everything was going great, i was raking in the cash, buying property’s and having a good time. Then Bethany and Louis decided that they were going to be a team. They combined all of there property’s and money together. Well of course Noah and I had no choice but to team up. Luckily we had Park Place and they had Boardwalk so there wasn’t going to be hotels on them anytime soon. Well Noah had to go pick up a friend so I was all by myself. I told Noah not to leave because Bethany and Louis would gang up on me. And of course Bethany and Louis went into cheat mode….

 There are two purple property’s in Monopoly one is Mediterranean Ave. and Baltic Ave. Louis and Bethany had one and Noah and I had the other. After Noah left I left the room for a little second and that was a bad idea. While i was out of the room Bethany and Louis took the purple property Noah and I had and put hotels on both of the purples. I bet they even grabbed a couple of the five hundred’s out of the bank too. I came back into the room and being the smart one i am….i didn’t notice anything. On my next turn i land on one of the purple property’s and I owe them $350. I pay it even though they really aren’t suppose to get it. Well unfortunately I was almost bankrupt and they only I could do was give Bethany and Louis Park Place. They only thing Noah told me to do was “Don’t give them Park Place, whatever you do don’t give them Park Place.” Why did Noah want to be my partner again?

 Noah came back and right away he knew something had happened. I told him the bad news, but he was a good sport and said that we were still in the game. Well after a few turns i noticed something wasn’t right..It was the PURPLES! I started to get a little heated and was saying how Bethany and Louis cheated and stole our property, but they wouldn’t admit to it. After Bethany and Louis took most of our money thay admitted that they had cheated, but it didn’t matter because Noah and I were almost bankrupt and about to lose. Well in the end Noah and I lost and Bethany and Louis won by cheating.

I think I have bad luck when it comes to this dreaded game Monopoly. I decided to play again against Bethany and Louis…why… I don’t know. This time though I had my friend James playing with me. I thought for sure this time I will beat Bethany and Louis.  I was wrong I lost again. Also every time I play, I always get put in jail so i never get to pass go and collect my $200. One of these days though I will beat Bethany and Louis and I won’t be cheating like them.

I know that it is just a game, but does anybody have secret stratergies to this game Monopoly??……..

2 thoughts on “Don’t Pass GO

  1. Hi Elise,

    Well honey, it’s in Bethany’s blood! To cheat, I mean. Grandpa was the biggest cheater at Monopoly than anybody…

    You just take after me…I’m sorry! I could never win at Monopoly, either!



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