For the past few weeks my favorite pair of jeans have been no were to be seen! I bought them for my birthday and they were so cute!

I thought for sure that one of my sisters had gotten them put in their room’s accidentally. So i went down to Robbin’s room and looked in every nook and cranny in her room. They weren’t in her closet or her dresser. It was off to Bethany’s room. I looked in her closet and i got excited because i though i found them…but they were they exact same jeans only a different size. They weren’t mine. I was so sad! = [

Today i went to the mall with my mother and i almost bought the same jeans since i couldn’t find them. Well i had that gut feeling that i would find my jeans so i didn’t  buy them. I did get a really cute shirt but that is besides the point.

 Well i got home from the mall and told my dad that i still couldn’t find my jeans. He then gave me permission to search my sisters and mom’s closet. So i proceeded in doing this and with my luck they were no where to be found! I had come to the conclusion that my jeans were lost forever!

All day today my dad had been bugging me to clean my room. I kept putting it off and doing other things. Around 9:30 off i went to clean my room. I hung up all my clothes and put my dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Then i looked in one of my bags to see what was in there. To my surprise i had found my FAVORITE jeans! I was so happy that i went and showed my dad and my sister Bethany. They weren’t as enthusiastic as i was. I am very happy though that my missing jeans have been found!

Thanks Dad for making me clean my room!! = ]

3 thoughts on “Missing!!

  1. Haha!!! I knew it! You are so like my little sister. Her room is usually a disaster and she can’t find anything in it! I’m so glad you found them, I love those Express jeans on you- they are perfect for you! Miss you girlie…

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