“Friendship, Friendship just the perfect blenship….”

In November I auditioned for the musical Anything Goes at my school. Well apparently I was good enough and got a small role. Can I just tell you that drama people are extremely nice and welcoming. I hardly knew anyone in the cast except my sister and her boyfriend. I made a lot of new friends but the one that I have become the closest with is James Miller. He played the role of Lord Evelyn Oakleigh and did an AMAZING job.

Our friendship started with the cool dance we made to one of the songs of the show. We got along so well and I knew that I wanted this guy in my life for awhile! Well after the show I wasn’t sure if I would see him around school because I usually just saw him after school during practice. Just my luck, we were going to have 4th hour off together. From then on out we hang out almost everyday. I did tell him I would school him at basketball, but i should of shut my mouth up because he sure proved me wrong. One of these days were going to have a rematch and I’ll show him. = ]

James is a magnificent friend. He is super funny and cracks me up all the time. I am truly lucky that he has become such a good friend. I hope that our friendship will last as long as it can!

Thanks James for everything, you mean the world to me! = ]

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