A Penny For An Apple

When I was 5 years old I thought having some pennies would make me so rich. I was only 5 so pennies seemed like 5 dollars to me. = ]

In my backyard we had to HUGE apple trees. Being that the trees were so big, we had many apples all over our backyard. The apples needed to be picked up and my dad didn’t want to be the one to do it, so he came up with a plan. He told Bethany and I that he would give us a penny for every apple we picked up. Bethany and I contemplated with one another, and WE WERE IN!

Bethany and I believed that we would become so rich. It soon then became a race to see who could pick up the most apples and get the most pennies. My dad busted out some chalk and put both of our names on the sidewalk and each time we picked up an apple we would make a tally mark next to a name. Each of us girls were having a good ol time when the fun stopped when my hand reached a picked up that tragic apple.

 From were I was looking it looked like every old apple i was picking up, but what I didn’t see was that there was a wasp hiding on the other side of the apple. Then that mean wasp stuck out its stinger and stunk me right on my middle finger by the cuticle..ouchie! Then my finger started to swell up and then swelled up like a balloon, who would of know… I was allergic. Bethany was freaking out yelling for my parents..okay i’ll stop now!

I wasn’t allergic and didn’t swell up like a balloon but it would of made the ending of this little story a lot more interesting. All that really happened is that it hurt like any other bee sting would. I cryed a single tear and from that day on i decided that i wouldn’t pick up apples for pennies anymore. = ]

4 thoughts on “A Penny For An Apple

  1. awesome… in korean culture… we pick white hairs for coinage… i need to write about that cause i attacked my grandmother and was gonna make her bald with her whole head of white

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