Elise and Hula Hoops Don’t Mix!

You may not know this but hula hoops can be very dangerous. Listen to my little story of what happened to me and maybe you can learn from my mistakes…

It all happened when I was just a wee sprout in 5th grade. I had about 2 or 3 weeks left in school and then it would FINALLY be summer!

My school decided to have a sock hop for and end of the year party thing. It was a Friday and in gym class we had a sock hop thing. There was music, fun games, fun people, and then lying on the floor were those dangerous hula hoops. Being the wee sprout I was, I picked one of the hula hoops up. I was hanging out with my friend Shelby so we were hula hooping together.

Do you ever remember when the cool thing was to hula hoop around your foot? Well that’s what Shelby and I were doing when Shelby said “Let’s see how fast you can go?” I that it was a genius idea! Then my left foot turned on its side and then I wasn’t able to walk on it anymore. Uh Oh!

Well I tried to walk back to class but the pain was just to strong. I made Shelby go get my teacher so I could go to the nurse. Well I stopped right in front of a heater and I was waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting…(i think you get the idea). My teacher had forgotten about me. After what seemed like an hour my friend Devin came down the hallway with a rolling chair to roll me down to the nurse’s office. The nurse then called my parents.

After getting done at the doctor’s office…sure enough my left foot was broken. Over the weekend it didn’t seem that bad. I was getting used to the crutches and after awhile I would get a little booty so I could walk on my foot. I thought hey I will be able to do things I’ve been doing except sports of course, but that’s when I decided to be Little Miss Independent. ..

That following Monday I was getting ready for school that morning. I was downstairs eating my bowl of cereal but I finished and needed to go and brush my teeth. My mom told me to make sure someone was always behind me when going up the stairs on my crutches. How hard could it be to go up the stairs by myself. I had been using the crutches for two days and I thought I was a pro. (yeah right)

I got up and started going up the stairs. Right when I got about halfway up I lost my balance. I proceeded to fall down backwards when everything suddenly went into slow motion. thump…..thump….thump…smack….AHHHH! I smacked my left wrist on out dining room chair and started screaming. The pain was excruciating! My mom came running to the top of the stairs seeing me in a little ol heap at the bottom of the stairs. (for those who were wondering my foot was perfectly fine.) I had my mom at my side trying to calm me down but the pain was just awful. “I think it’s broken,” my mom said to my dad. My dad being so loving said ” Oh she’s fine.” My face was pale white so I then returned back to the doctors office..and sure enough my left wrist was broken too.

I started off my summer being in a wheel chair. It was fun for awhile though having everybody doing everything for me. Then it got to the point when I was ready to get out of that wheelchair.

After reading this I hope that you have learned that hula hooping is very dangerous. So please use caution whenever you pick up a hula hoop. = ]

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