Belize – 7/28/07 Day 1

We arrived at DIA around 6:30 am. Our plane to Dallas Fort Worth was delayed. Around 9:30 we were able to board. when we got to Dallas we thought we would have an hour for lunch, but since our plane was delayed no lunch for us. = [ We were in the Dallas airport for about 5 secs. and we had to go straight to out connecting flight. Then we finally arrived in Belize a little after 3 pm. Right when they opened the doors of the airplane, I could feel the humidity! Man I was not looking forward to that intense heat. After getting off the plane the airport didn’t look like what I was expecting. It was a lot smaller and a little crazy. One of the funny parts was we had to keep a tight grip on our bags. In the airport there would be some men that would come up to take your bags and carry them out to your car. What they didn’t tell you was that they charge $2 per bag. Lucky for me I had no one come up to me and I made it safely outside.

When we got outside that is when we met two of our leaders from Praying Pelican named Jennie and Burton. Burton is actually from Belize, that was pretty cool and him and Jennie seemed super nice straight of the bat. The bus then arrived ready to take us to out hotel called Global Village Hotel. Right when we got to our hotel it was go go go!! Another leader from Praying Pelican name Toddy gave us our room assignments quickly, so we ran up to our rooms set out luggage down, went back downstairs and loaded on the bus again to head to an orphanage.

Jennie then knew we didn’t have dinner so she was nice enough to provide us with some snacks on the way to the orphanage. = ]

On the way to the orphanage I was feeling really tired, hot and I just felt like resting and taking a nap. As soon as I walked into the orphanage all of my tiredness, being hot, and worries went away the moment I saw all the kids. The kids came up to us and gave us huge hugs and just wanted to be loved on. A little girl named Sonya who was 6 yrs old was my pal and attached herself to my hip. She was the cutest thing ever. Unfortunately we weren’t aloud to bring camera’s in to take pictures for privacy reasons but I still have an image of all them in my mind. All of the kids in there were just so precious and it was fun to be able to play with them and just love on them. Eventually we had to leave and I didn’t want to go. Before we left we gave them little stuffed bears that the kids at VBS at the church made for them. A few volunteers went up and told all the kids we came to hang out with them and tell them that Jesus love them very much and died on the cross for our sins. And as soon as we gave them a bear you could see all of there faces light up. It was so awesome to see!

Well that was our only day at the orphanage, but just that small time with the kids was amazing.

We had to head back to our hotel were we ate some dinner and then had our first team meeting. That night we found out we had to prepare a 5-7 minute devotional to share at the church service tomorrow and even be prepared to share our testimonies. I think that God was working in my heart that night because I usually always get really nervous about things like that, but I wasn’t nervous at all . That night God really helped prepare my testimony, I was finding the right verses and understanding them. I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts with them church!

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