Belize – 7/29/07 Day 2

Today was Sunday so we were able to go to the church we are helping out all week. It was a small, cute church and a very small congregation, but all were are fire for God. During the morning service 4 or 5 of us were able to share our devotionals and a few others shared their testimonies. It was awesome to hear them all and to see everyone in the church learning from them.

After the service we went across the street to a place called The Baboon Sanctuary. That is were we would be eating lunch everyday. Some of the ladies in the village prepared lunch for us everyday. For our first meal we had a Belizian meal. It was rice, beans, potato salad and chicken. All of it was very yummy. The potato salad was my favorite.

Off to the hotel we went. We were able to have free time which was nice so I went and took a nap; it was so refreshing. An hour later we had a mission training meeting. We learned how to have a conversation with people that is great to use when we evangelize. It was cool though because we had different actions that represented different things, that way we would remember all the questions better. After that all of us were starving and we got pizza to eat! It was pretty good!

The same church we went to in the morning had a night service too. We loaded back onto the bus and headed back to the church. On our way there I was very nervous because I was going to share my testimony. All of us students put together the service and it was cool because they hardly knew us but wanted us to run the service. So that night Brandon was also able to speak to everyone. He did an awesome job and talked about how we were suppose to be there and it really spoke home to a bunch of us. Then we shared testimonies and I loved sharing mine. It was just awesome to be able to tell them what God has been doing in my life and even how I struggle times.

I loved seeing how God worked through all of us and I was ready for VBS the next day! = ]

2 thoughts on “Belize – 7/29/07 Day 2

  1. It’s so awesome to read your thoughts on our trip and be able to look back at the journey. Great insight and memory on what God did through our group!

    Love you Pot Pie!

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