Belize – 7/30/07 Day 3

Today was our first day for VBS. I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to play with the kids. We had about 300 kids come and each and everyone of them were so cute! All of us went around and put name-tags on them and separated into different groups. Kaylin, Ben, Brandon and myself were apart of the story team.

When our first group came we got off to a rocky start. There wasn’t much interaction and many of the children’s faces looked bored. Finally by the last group they all were having fun, there was a lot of interaction and all of us started to feel comfortable around each other.

I met these brothers named Roman and Joshua. Roman was the older of the two and I had a lot of fun with him. Their eyes caught sight of my camera and they loved taking picture, after picture, after picture. It put a smile on my face to see how happy and the fun they were having. Luckily I was able to ride the bus back to their home after VBS was over. The bus was pretty crazy with all the kids but it was great to be able to spend more time with them and get to know them all.

 After all the kids all got dropped off, we headed back to the village for lunch. Once all our tummies were full I went and played soccer with Pastor’s daughter Miracle. She was real cute. Then I went to play basketball with all the boys. The only down side was it was humid and i am pretty sure that I was smelly and gross. Ew. It was raining off and on though so I was able to cool down every-once in awhile. ; )

Pastor and his family were moving into a house next to their church but needed some finishing touches on it first. That’s were we all were able to help out. We helped him paint his ceiling, was always fun to see the paint drip down on people. It happened to me a couple of times but that was part of the fun. After we finished we hurried to the hotel to clean up some and then go eat.

The restaurant we went to was right next to the Caribbean Sea (I think) It was really cool because it was right when the sun was going down, so we got to see the sunset and it was cool and breezy. The food was pretty good, my favorite part of the meal was the mashed potatoes..yum! Today was an awesome day!

One thing I noticed today is how spoiled all of us Americans are. In the U.S. we all just keep wanting more, more and more! Here in Belize they have less than we do and are so happy with what they have. I love the people here, all of them are so welcoming and kind. It is going to be tough when we have to say goodbye to them! : (

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