Belize – 8/1/07 Day 5

The 3rd day of VBS and it was my day to teach during story time. I taught about the walls of Jericho and how they came down. I called on volunteers to help me act out the story and it seemed that they all enjoyed themselves. We were done a little early so we played a game were you put a ball on a blanket and people are holding a blanket the see how high you can get it. The kids loved that a lot!

One of the kids that I hung out with a lot was Kevin and all of his little friends. They were all pretty funny. They loved playing basketball with Jon everyday. It was cute seeing them all out there everyday!

Then to lunch we headed again. Afterwards we went to the Bamboon Sanctuary and that was really cool. We got to see howler monkeys and some people fed them but to be honest I was a little frightened by them.  I did feel bad for Ashley though. One of the monkeys attacked her, it bit and scratched her. ouch! She took it like a man. she was tough!

Our next stop was the Mayan Ruins. I liked that a lot. It was beautiful and it was interesting to learn all of the history. After the tour we were able to go to the shops and by souvenirs for the people back home. For dinner we ate at a a restaurant that was close by. The food was good except for the co-slaw. I’ve never liked co-slaw. At the restaurant we all had to change and get ready for church. Back on the bus we got and headed to Sister Dahlia’s and Pastor Floyd’s church.

Church service was fun! I was able to help lead worship with Stephanie, Ashley, and Cathryn. During the service I got the opportunity to share my testimony. Katelyn, Stephanie, Anneke and Josh shared their testimonies too. The best part of the service was Pastor Floyd’s message. There was two things that really spoke to me. One was that once people get back from a trip like this we relax and we can’t do that. We have to keep diving into God’s word and keep learning about him and sharing it with others. You have to keep the fire burning! The other thing was he said there are some people who need to drop some friends because they are holding us back from what God wants us to do. I think the message spoke to all of us! It was awesome!!  I am really thankful that I got to be apart of it!

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