Belize – 8/2/07 Day 6


Today was our last day of VBS. It was hard because we all got so attached to the kids so it was hard to say good bye to them all. Overall VBS was awesome! I believe that each of the kids were touched somehow, through something we did throughout it all. Again Kevin was the one that I clicked with. He was a little 12 year old boy and today was the day we got to really hang out!

Kevin came with us to lunch and I played cards with him and decided he need them more than me so I gave them to him. You could see his eyes light up. We then did a sports ministry with all the kids around so Kevin and I went to go and play some soccer. I enjoyed getting to know him and hang out with him. He was a pretty good soccer player! Then we headed over with everyone else to go and play basketball. And of course our team won! ; ) Since it was humid I got hot real quickly. We went inside of the church to cool down. And there attached to my hip was Kevin. He was like “Let’s take a picture together.” He loved the camera!


The next thing to do was more visitations. We were on the bus and the next thing I knew Kevin was there too.  The first house we went to was this lady named Burnadette. She had a broken foot and looked in a lot of pain. The sad part was a few days before she broke her foot, her niece had died. She was in pain physically and in her heart. We got to pray for her and pray that the pain would go away. After her house we walked to the next house. While we were walking I was teasing Kevin asking him if he had a girlfriend, then he said “Your my girlfriend.” That was cute. After the last visitation we headed back to Bermudia Landing, to eat some scrumptious dinner. The awful part was we had to say our good byes to everyone!

Saying good bye was so hard! While I was hugging Abigail she was crying which didn’t help because I started crying too! Then came the worst part when I had to say goodbye to Kevin. : ( I gave him my address and he gave me his. I am going to miss that little guy! I am hoping that we can keep in touch! I was so sad to say good bye but at the same time happy to come home.

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