Feeling of Accomplishment

Ah Accomplishment!

Here was my homework for tonight:

  • Complete a work sheet for a seminar in class tomorrow.

If you read the blog below..you probably noticed I tend to procrastinate a lot. Tonight I taught a piano lesson at 6, so I told myself I will do my homework afterwards. After the piano lesson I decided to finish watching Desperate Housewives then I’d go do my homework. The I went again..procrastinating.

Finally after Desperate Housewives was over I went down on the computer for a little bit.Ā  Procrastinating. : ) I think it was around 8 I actually did go into my room and got my homework out. And guess what?? I actually did it! I finished it all by 9:00pm.

I just loved having that feeling of not having to get anything done anymore. It’s great. I thought to myself “Wow all my homework is done..I don’t have to stay up late doing it. Go me!”

Ah..feeling of accomplishment… Don’t you just love it??

4 thoughts on “Feeling of Accomplishment

  1. You’re my role model, Elise! You’ve inspired me to have my own blog on wordpress. You’re sooooo funnily awesome!
    |_ | |_ /-\

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