Essays…. boo!

it’s a big bummer i am such a procrastinator.
i had about 5 daysish to write an essay
that is due tomorrow…
and i just decided to start writing it about an hour ago. haha.
i am not even done with the rough draft yet,
then i have to type it all up. bummer.
i was going to have my sister help me edit it too…
but she is sleeping. lucky her.(granted she does have to wake up at 4) haha.

i have decided something though…
it is okay i am a procrastinator..
because i got to enjoy my weekend.
i didn’t worry about homework or anything.
and it was a fun weekend.
now tonight i might not get much sleep…but hey..
you can always catch up on sleep later.

my point is procrastination isn’t bad…its actually okay! = ]

2 thoughts on “Essays…. boo!

  1. I totally agree! I am the same way, why worry about something until you absolutely have to. Your right, it isn’t bad to procrastinate, its just a word that the people who get things done a month before its due made up to make the rest of us feel guilty.

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