What a Great Start to My Morning!

+ = (DEAD!)


This morning I woke up around 8:00 to get ready. It was just like every other morning; I was really tired and didn’t want to get up but I had to… but what i didn’t know was that this morning was going to be different….

I walked into my bathroom to go get ready for my shower. I pushed my shower curtain out of the way and started the water to get nice and warm. Then out the corner of my eye I see a gross, huge, ugly, awful spider! ! (looked somewhat like the one in the picture above) EWW! I then had a slight problem. It kinda grosses me out to touch a spider even if it’s with a shoe or tissue, it gives me the crawlers! So what is a girl to do….Well let me tell you…

Luckily for me there was a mason jar sitting on my counter. (we use them as glasses) I grabbed the jar as quick as I could and filled it with the hot steamy water and you can probably guess what my next step was. That spider was getting 3rd degree burns all over it’s body. Now here is were I think spiders are so stupid! I continued to throw water onto it and the spider would shrivel into a ball then when the water wasn’t hitting it crawl up my tub. Oh it was on, that spider wasn’t getting out of that tub alive. Finally after fighting back and forth with the dumb spider it died. oh boo hoo! Then I had my next problem!

The dead spider was just floating in the water and I didn’t know how to get rid it. hmmm.. I knew what I would do. Just run up stairs get my dad and he’d come to the rescue and take care of it. So I quickly turned of the water (yes it was running the whole time, I know a waste, but hey people I was in a crisis!) As I got upstairs I looked outside and my dad’s car was gone! oh no! Well then I thought my mom is pretty brave she’ll come and take care of it. Oh but was I wrong….I opened her bedroom door and believed our conversation went like this:

“Mom there is a spider in my shower!”

“Kill it with a shoe.”

“I drowned it and don’t know how to get it out!”

“Elise I am tired, just flush it down the toilet.”

Well it looked like I was on my own. Great!

I ran back downstairs and went into my bathroom. As I got in there I peeked over the bathroom tub and there that spider was stuck to the side of it. EWW! I was in trouble because I didn’t want to touch that gross thing. So I thought I’d take my mom’s advice and flush it down the toilet. I turned the water back on so I could scoop it into that mason jar..well there was another slight problem. When I turned the water on…the spider kinda went down the drain. At that point my emotions were torn.. I was happy I finally defeated the spider, but then I was like great it is going to come back up from the drain!

Being the brave person I am, I proceeded to take my shower. The whole time I was thinking it’s going to be like return of the Achaearanea Tepidariorum(common house spider)! I looked at the drain just thinking that any moment the spider would come up and get me! Unfortunately this whole situation caused my shower to be cold so that wasn’t fun and I think I have a clogged drain because of the gross ugly spider that’s in it. I am absolutely not unclogging that drain.. that would be a job for my father!

Spiders are just awful and I hate them!!

3 thoughts on “What a Great Start to My Morning!

  1. You’re silly. Think of how much bigger you are than: the eensy beensy spider climbs up the water spout down came the rain (shower water) and washed the spider out. Out came the sun (bathroom light) and dried up all the rain (shower water). Then the eensy beensy spider climbed up the spout again. But, don’t worry, Elise, you’re still bigger! 🙂

  2. Oh please mother. I do recall a “eensy beensy” spider being in your hair once and seeing you jump high enough to rival dad in his favorite “i can kick that” game as well as scream loud enough to freak out robbin who was in the basement. 😉

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