Spiders Are Creating an Army Against Me

If you look back to one of my blogs I wrote about killing a spider, you might need to read before reading this one.

Well today I woke up like any normal day went into my bathroom to prepare for my shower. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a little something crawling around in my tub. You guessed it.. it was one of my friends.. Mr. Spider. It was a normal spider; medium size, normal color and easy enough to kill. Grabbed a cup and started pouring water on it, continuing until it drowned. That whole system works great. The spider went down the drain and I was so proud of myself that I had killed Mr. Spider.

As you know on most shower curtians there is a plastic curtain part that goes inside the tub. So as I was moving that I noticed that something was there. It looked a little strange. I then hit the curtain and that strange thing was in my tub. Then these gross legs came out of it and sure enough it was another one of my friends… Mr. Spider 2.

Now Mr. Spider 2 must have been all of these spiders colonel or something. I mean he was huge (or at least it seemed) and his color just wasn’t right. He was like a dark redish orange color and to me it seems that kind of spider can hurt me.  I had to kill this spider but I just gave all my courage when I killed the first spider. That’s when I turned to someone else to come to my rescue…my father!

I ran upstairs, through the kitchen, up another flight of stairs and swung open my parents bedroom door. “Dad! Dad! Dad!” I said. “I need you to come down and kill a HUGE spider that’s in my bathtub. I already killed one and I can’t kill this one, it grosses me out. Can you please come and kill it real quick?!” He responded some what like my mom in the last spider blog, “Can’t you just pour some water on it and put it down the drain?” “I can’t  Dad! It’s just way to gross and it’s HUGE! Did I say that it’s HUGE??” “Okay, okay,” he said. “I’ll be down in  mintue.”

I ran back downstairs to watch Mr. Spider 2 to make sure he wouldn’t escape to call his troops in.

My dad finally arrived in my room and went to business to kill that spider. I must have learned from the best because my dad got a cup of water and started drowning Mr. Spider 2. In no time Mr. Spider the colonel was down the drain and gone forever! Yay! I finally was able to get on with my morning as normal.

I am pretty sure that spider hate me now. Pretty soon I am going to have an army of spiders in my tub one morning that’ll look like this:



(except i am sure they’ll be a lot bigger and much much more of them!)

When this happens I am afraid I might die, or have a heart attack or something. Let’s just say it’s not going to take to much work or effort for this spider army to take me down!

2 thoughts on “Spiders Are Creating an Army Against Me

  1. You forgot to mention that you came to get Dad to kill the spider at the unearthly hour of just before 6 a.m.! 🙂

    I think you need to go to the Butterfly Pavilian and hold the tarantula and begin facing your arachnophobia!

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