School’s Out!

My last day of school was June 4th and I am happy to say that I’m on summer  break and a big bad senior now!

One thing I accomplished this year in my WAFL class is that I read the book Les Miserables, which was about 1500 pages. A pretty long book if you ask me. And finished it all in about 2 months. Woo!

When I first started this book I was a very worried girl. I thought that it would    be really boring and I would have to suffer reading it for 1500 pages. Well I was very wrong! I thought it was a great book. Very detailed and Victor Hugo did a great job hooking you.

I recomend everyone to read this book, okay some may say “hey I watched the movie no need to read this long book!” But I watched the movie and I really didn’t like it. Some of the most important parts of the book were left out.

Look at it this way some of you may have a whole summer to read it! =  ]

One thought on “School’s Out!

  1. SO agree with you! Les Miserables is my favorite book of all time, and despie the parts that Victor Hugo went off on his little tangents of descriptive French stuff, it remains so. Good for you girlie, to read so fast! 🙂

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