The Day Bethany and I stopped fighting

Throughout mine and Bethany’s childhood, we fought constantly. My mom would tell us to stop fighting and sometimes we even had to hug for 30 sec. and it felt like hours. One day we learned our lesson…

Bethany was about 5 yrs old and I was probably 4 yrs old. Like usual there we were fighting doing who knows what when my mom came and found us. Now we didn’t want to get in trouble so we started running around the house so my mom couldn’t get us. We ran through the kitchen and flew down the stairs. My mom then came stomping down the stairs because being little and hearing those stoms, you knew you were in big trouble. So hear comes my mom and Bethany and I had no where else to run.

All of a sudden we see my mom fall down the stairs and ends up in a heap and the bottom of them. You should of seen how big our eyes got. Now my mom couldn’t really move so we had to run upstairs grab the phone and my mom called our neighbor John Griego. He was a big trucker guy and had to carry my mom up the stairs.

As it turns out is that my mom ripped her calf muscle and really couldn’t move around much. Let’s just say Bethany and I learned our lesson about running and having our mom chase us. I’m sure we still fought here and there but stilled always remembered what happened. I think we both learned our lesson.

4 thoughts on “The Day Bethany and I stopped fighting

  1. It is good that you are perfect now, so sweet and adorable. It would be terrible to hurt your mother in this way now that she is a little past 40! Ha!

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