Spectrum on The Radio Part 2

Going down to KOSI took a little longer than planned. We were suppose to leave are school by 7:15am to be able to make it there on time, but of course that was the day the buses decided not to work.  Our principal made a few phone calls and had it planned that these vans that Admas 12 owns would come and get us. Well that didn’t work cause they had to go pick up little kids that were standing in the cold. Finally a few members of Spectrum just drove and my ride was with VJ.

Now finally we were on the radio all of us very excited…. except that it took forever to get there. On I-25 we were bumper to bumper the whole way there. Now our exit was 199 and it felt like 5hrs til we got to the Belleview exit but we made there. When we got off the Belleview exit was a sheet of ice. Uh oh! Well we were following a couple of fellow Spectrum members and we saw that they were getting over towards the left. We continued to follow them until we started to slide. The back end of the drivers side almost hit Sarah’s car in front of us then barely missed her then turned again were the passenger side the side I was on almost hit the wall. All of a sudden then I was facing the wrong direction looking at other cars coming towards us. After making about three complete circles we finally got facing the right way and were back on track.

We arrived at KOSI safely and in we went ready to record. We started right when we got there because we were a little late. Dang buses! We sang our first song and Murphy seemed very impressed. We then proceeded to sing our other two songs because they told us only three songs, but then Murphy told our choir director Mr. Meerdink to record one more because we were that good! 🙂 After we finished recording we were able to hear what it sounded like and how he was going to mix everything. Murphy also let us know that we were one of the top 3 choirs that has come in. There was a total of 12 choirs that came in. It was a really cool and fun experience!

We are going to be on the radio Christmas Eve…. the stinky part, kinda, is that it’s going to be between 6:30 and 8:30 in the morning. A little early but hey at least its not like 3 in the morning.. it’s at a some what decent hour. So be listening and let me know what you think! I’m already planning to set my alarm stay up for those 2hrs the back to sleep for me! : ]

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