Oh Deer, Oh My!!

Usually on Wednesday’s I meet with my friend Sam to have a Bible study. Well we had the Bible study as usual and actually had a really good study. We are studying Romans and studied chapter 2 tonight. I had to get home quickly because I had to bake some brownies and get ready to watch Lost!

Sam lives in kinda by Brighton. To get to his house I take 120th to Brighton road. Now I was on my way home and turned on Brighton road to get back to 120th. Well as I was driving this car coming towards me and kept flashing their brights at me. My first thought was okay my brights are on, turn them off. Nope my brights weren’t on. Well the car kept flashing them at me and I was like what the heck my brights aren’t on. They kept doing it and I didn’t know why. Well after they passed me I was so confused and focused on why the stupid car was flashing there lights at me. I looked to my left and it looked like this two big bulls were running towards me. I was like oh crap. So I floored it just in time so they wouldn’t hit me. It was a close call!

As I was driving the rest of the way home I was thinking that maybe I was just seeing things and there was really anything there. I decided to call Sam.

“Hey Sam, I have a strange question to ask you. On this back road by your house, is there a farm?”

“There use to be one but not anymore, why?”

“Well like two bulls or cows or something just rammed me!”

“It was probably deer.”

I continue to explain to Sam how the car wouldn’t stop flashing there brights at me and it was annoying. Sam then tells me “That’s why they were flashing their brights at you, to tell you to slow down!” Then it all clicked, flashing their brights at me to tell me to slow down because there was deer. Duh Elise!

I’m pretty sure the deer looked like this:


I just can’t imagine if the deer actually rammed me! All I know is that I almost had a Rory Gilmore moment that’s for sure!

Word of advice: When a car is flashing there brights at you wise to think that your brights are on, but also consider that there could be the possibility of a deer down the road… so slow down!

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