Old TV Shows


1.) Clarissa Explains it All – when there is a brother named Ferguson it’s worth watching.  Then there is Sam who must have been afraid to use to front door because he always came in through Clarissa’s window with a ladder. Strange.

2.) AAAHH!!! Real Monsters – I think this show was close to my favortie. You had the long skinny monster named Oblina she was the smart one. Then there was the trouble maker Ickis red, short, with long big ears. Then there was Krumm he just smelled bad. But Krumm was my favorite because his eyeballs weren’t attached to his body so he held them up with his hands. I thought it was cool.

3.) The Secret World of Alex Mack – This show was awesome! Alex Mack was doused with a mysterious chemical called GC-161. So Alex was able to turn herself in to a glob of silvery liquid and move around. She could squeeze through doors and could listen in on conversations. What an awesome show… being able to turn into a silvery glob of liquid because of GC-161… AWESOME!

4.) Legends of the Hidden Temple – My favorite game show of all time! You have contestants that not only have a cool outfit but cool names like Blue Barracudas! The outfits for the blue barracudas was brightly colored sweat pants and t-shirt that’s always too big and a bright gold helmet. And you can forget the best parts… the talking head thing.. and the ooga booga people that scare you.

5.) Doug – do do doo do doo do… the theme song was always so great! It was cool that all the characters where different colors; Roger the mean one was greenish yellowish, and his best friend Skeeter was blue. Doug’s dog’s name was Porkchop… what a great name for a dog.

6.) Rocket Power- this was a great show! I always felt bad for the really smart guy.

7.) Hey Arnold! – “Move it football head” One of my favorite shows. The one episode I distinctly remember is when he was in a food eating contest and had to eat a lot of ice cream. And how Helga or whatever her name was, was in love with Arnold and had shrine of him in her closet. ha!

8.) Saved by the Bell – Who doesn’t like Mr. Belding?! Favorite episode when Jessie gets hooked on caffeine pills and Zach comes to her rescue, but she is all for still singing and busts out in song, “I’m so excited and I just can’t…” then breaks down. classic. (I can’t remember if this was a nickelodeon show, but it was a still a show I loved)

9.)Rugrats – Phil and Lil always pulled lint out of there belly button, Tommy always had a screwdriver in his diaper to bust out of their play pin, and Chuckie was afraid of the toilet when he was being potty trained, Angelica was just mean, and they had a cool dog named Spike. Probably my favorite show growing up.

10.) The Angry Beavers – it was a good show, made me laugh!

11.) Salute your Shorts – I don’t remember this as much as the others, but I remember the theme song…

“We run. We jump. We swim and play. We row and go on trips
But the things that last forever… are our dear friendships
Camp Anawanna, we hold you in our hearts.
And when we think about you (it makes me wanna fart!)
It’s ‘I hope we never part’. Now get it right or pay the price.
Now we will share a lifetime of the fondest memories.
By the lakes of Anawanna.. Sat in the old pine trees.
Camp Anawa-.., we hold you in our hearts.
And when we think ab-.. (this thing came apart)
Think Anawanna-wanna, speak Anawanna-wanna..
Live Anawanna-wanna! Ugh!”

12.) Are you Afraid of the Dark? – No this show I actually never really watched because it always scared me when I was little. Too much to handle! : )

13.) The Wildthornberry’s – Traveling around in a RV looking for rare animals… now that’s one way to live your life.

14.) As Told by Ginger – “Some one once told me the grass was much greener on the other side…”

Some shows I liked on Nick t Nite: Full House (cute little Michelle), Fresh Prince of Bel- Air, Home Improvement, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Growing Pains, The Facts of Life (they had a movie at one point), I Love Lucy (Lucy I’m Home), and The Brady Bunch. At least some of these shows are still on TV.


1.) Boy Meets World- A wonderful show! It was so funny and I’m glad there were so many seasons. Eric was very funny… I liked when he hid in different places trying to scare Topanga like in the couch. haha Probably my favorite disney show.  I am totally going to get the seasons on Netflix so I can watch them… oh yeah!

2.) Lizzie McGuire – Yes I did watch this show sadly. haha!

3.) Even Stevens – Funny stuff. This is when I first saw Shia LaBeouf, he was so little.

4.) Smart Guy – A 10 year old or however old he was in high school… crazy!

5.) Sister Sister – I like the newer theme song they made. They also had many seasons where it showed them all the way in college… must of been a good show.

Now I’m sure I am forgetting many shows, but there are some of my favorites! I just wish Nickelodeon and Disney could be just as good now as it was back then. These show were pretty awesome, so sad most of them aren’t on TV anymore.

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