Yes, I am a knitter!

I love knitting! Whenever I saw my mom or sister Robbin knitting I was always jealous of them because I didn’t know how to knit. I decided I needed to fix that, so I went to the perfect person who could help me out…my Grandma Maxine. I called her up and off we went to Michael’s to get everything I would need. Knitting needles and yarn, that’s it. My Gma proceeded to teach me step by step how to knit. At first it was a little hard to do, but in no time I was a pro at knitting, at least I thought so. Then I finished my first scarf and realized I needed a little more practice to be at the level that my Grandma, Mom and sister were at. 🙂

Now I’ve been knitting for a few years and I’d have to say that I have improved. Although I can only make scarfs I guess there is more practice that needs to be done. But for now I am content with just making scarfs. I have jazzed up the scarfs thought. I’ve made a couple stripped scarfs for my dear friend VJ and a couple with little hangy downy things at the ends.  The next steps in my knitting adventures is to learn how to knit hats, gloves, socks, a blanket is probably easy, and maybe even attempt a sweater. haha 🙂 I might have to turn to my Grandma Maxine again because she knows how to do everything!

Some people do make fun of me because I knit. They think old people just knit and that it is boring. Well I don’t think so. I enjoy knitting, it is very relaxing. I usually carry my knitting with me in my purse and knit at work and then it is with me outside of work whenever I want to do it. I was thinking though the best invention would be to find a way where you can read and knit at the same time. Because you use both your hands for knitting it’s a little hard to hold a book too and turn pages, unless you use your feet. That can look a little awkward though and be a little challenging. So I thought what if a machine was made where it will hold your book for you and turn the pages for you. But it is difficult to knit without looking sometimes. So if anyone has a way where you can knit and read at the same time, let me know! 🙂

There are a few of my friends at work and just friends that are jealous of my knitting just like I was jealous of my mother and sister. I am going to teach them how to knit. Maybe I’ll have a knitting club. I already am having a knitting party with my friend Nikki and her boyfriend Geoff and we’re going to bake some cookies. It’ll be a fun-filled event! Maybe I’ll start charging people for my services. Just kidding, all I’m saying is yes, I am a knitter! 🙂

One thought on “Yes, I am a knitter!

  1. Woo hoo, you are blogging again! And, I think we should have a knitting race. We’ll buy yarn enough for a blanket and then see who finishes first. 🙂 Love you mucho!

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