Boot Camp, 6am.

I have recently decided to start attending  boot camp Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6am. Well I lied I’ve gone only once and that was this past Tuesday. Let me tell you a little about my experience.

To start waking up at 5:30am wasn’t that fun on my day off. Granted I did really want to go to boot camp. I heard many positive things from some of my family members. The only negative was that they all said they threw up. Awesome. Being the loving sister I am, I told my oldest sister Robbin that I would go with her at 6am. When I arrived there I was looking forward to it…

I met our trainer Dave. Luckily just Robbin and I were there that early so I wasn’t going to embarrass myself in front of a bunch of people. 🙂 We warmed up with jump roping. Didn’t seem like it was going to be too tough, but let me tell ya, doing it for 5min is a lot harder than it looks. Dave continued to tell me that we would do 30 to 45min workout then a cool down. Alright I told myself you can do anything for 30min. Robbin has gone before so she was a pro. We had a rotation of side planks, pulling a tire, trx crunches and burpees.

As he was walking us through each excercise they didn’t look to challenging. Pretty easy.

Side planks – lay on your side with your elbow down and raise your hip for 45 secs. left and right side

Pulling a tire – pretty self explanatory. Pull a tire by a rope with weights inside the tire, but you stand on one leg, left and right side

TRX crunches a nifty thing you put your feet in so they’re elevated then you bring your legs in towards your chest for a crunch.

Burpees – hard to explain, all I’ve heard is that they make you throw up 🙂

So that were our four rotations that we were going to do five rounds of. I was ready. When we started I felt pretty good. I was getting through each rotation doing well until round one was over. I wasn’t feeling to hot so there I ran to the bathroom and …. threw up. I really felt attractive then. But I had to keep up with my family, they all threw up so I guess I was bound to.

In the end I missed out on round two, because of my little break in the bathroom. When I came back I felt as good as new and finished the last three rounds strong. And sure enough after we were through it was Robbin’s turn to take a trip to the bathroom and throw up. haha. I’m sure they just love us Kelly’s over at boot camp. When 6am rolls around tomorrow I get the joy of doing it all over again. 🙂 You gotta love excercise!

Now usually, I think when people exercise or do something active like playing a sport, you don’t usually get sore until the next day or two. Well that’s how it is for me. I think I worked muscles at boot camp that I don’t usually work so the same exact day as boot camp I was already sore. I have the sore abs where it hurts to cough and laugh it’s pretty awesome. Hopefully after a few more weeks my body will start getting use to it so I won’t be as sore.

Unfortunately I just decided to add to my soreness yesterday. Stairs and I have never really gotten a long, I mean I fell down them before and broke my wrist. And so yesterday they decided to take something out on me, actually it was just one single stair. As I was heading the stairs I got to the last step and I fell or lost my balance somehow and proceeded to roll my ankle. Yep just call me clumsy! So now every part of my body is sore and now I have a swollen ankle. It’s pretty awesome.

Oh the joy of exercise (and clumsiness)! 🙂

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