I have come up with a new goal. One day out of each week I am going to have a baking day. Either make something I’ve made hundreds of times, try something new, or invent something!

Today I made this…

Ritz Crackers covered in Andes Mints.  It is simple to make and tastes delicious! All you have to do is melt the mints,

dip the ritz crackers into the bowl. Yes your fingers will get a little messy but that is part of the fun right? Then,

set them out to dry on wax paper. And then take a bite and enjoy! I think the best way they taste is after you have refrigerated them for a bit.

I have also discovered that if you buy a box with four packs of Ritz and five boxes of Andes Mints it is the perfect amount!

So give it a try and you might have found a new favorite treat! 🙂

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