Riverdale Rd.

I have always thought writing a book would be fun. Even if it’s not on the top selling book shelf or even if it’s not published; you can still mark of your list that in your life time you wrote a book. With that being said, here is a little excerpt of something I started writing a while ago. Let me know what you think! Thanks! 🙂

Each turn I took led me further and further away from where I needed to be. I wasn’t just lost, I was alone and stranded. My hope was gone and I knew it was the end of me; there was nothing more I could do…

1 Month Ago
A New Beginning
“Mother do we really have to move again? This is the 3rd time this last year. Why can’t we just finally settle down somewhere?” “This time will be different then all those other times, I promise. I have a good feeling about this town.” I didn’t believe my mother than, but she was right this time it was different.
As we drove away from another house I fell in love with I was bound to make this next time different. I didn’t want to move any more. The town Riverdale was my new home, I wasn’t going to move again. This was it for me.
The drive wasn’t too long. I was use to long road trips by now. Each time it felt shorter and shorter. Or just the fact I had become a pro road tripper. What a great profession to have. I’m sure it will get me far in life. My mom always said I was full of sarcasm since she could remeber. She always said, “Emy you better watch that sarcasm,” while always trying to hold back that smile. My mother and I had a close relationship ever since I could remember. It was always just the two of use ever since my dad died before I was born. Mother never considered to remarry. She was happy with her life, pretty content. So was I; we were a good pair. We stuck together through everything. She never talked about my dad much. I always wanted to know about him, know what he was like. Mom never said much though and I never understoond why. “Wake up Emy, were pulling in to our new home.” As we pulled down our neighborhood and turned onto our street Riverdale Rd. something about this little town didn’t seem right. It was erie nobody really around everybody inside their houses, no kids playing outside. It just wasn’t normal. I wasn’t going to let it get to me though. Putting all my strange thoughts aside I had to come to the realization that his was my new beginning.

Today was my first day at my new high school. Once again not looking forward to it one bit. Once again I was the new kid. And once again I’d make friends and then it was pack up and leave again. I know I should be greatful because my mom has done so much for me, but it’s hard. I can’t tell my mother how I feel because that would just tear her apart.

“Mom! I’m leaving for school. I’ll see you when you get back.” “Hold on Emy,” my mom yelled. As she came down the stairs she embraced me in a big hug. “What was that for?” I asked. “I just know how hard it is on you to be moving so much. Thanks for staying so positive through everything. I love you so much Emy!” Well she just made the guilt set in since I had been complaining so much. “I love you too Mom,” I said. As the screen door slammed behind me I walked toward my ’93 Camry, opened the door, revved the engine and I was off down a dirt road to my new high school. Riverdale High School. You would think this town could of thought of different names for everything. With my windows down and my hair blowing in the wind I felt good, I turned my music up and sang at the top of my lungs. Until I pulled into the parking lot of school. My car was loud enough, I didn’t want my singing to scare people away either.

I got out of my car and started walking towards the doors of a run down building which looked nothing like a school but the sign did say Riverdale High School so it wasn’t like I was in the wrong place. I went straight to the office to get my schedule and then attempt to find my way around this building. When I walked into the office I was stopped in my tracks by Lily. “Hi! I am Lily. Are you new to Riverdale? I would love to be your tour guide and show you around. Who knows we could even become best friends!” The smile never left her face. At that moment two things crossed my mind; 1) I could be completely rude, ignore her and tell her I want nothing to do with her, and 2) I could actually be nice and accept her offer. I was really hoping for number one but since I figured I’d probably move in a few months it wouldn’t hurt to actually make friend I didn’t like since I would leave them anyways. “Alright, sure,” I said.

Well it was just my luck. I don’t know how it happened but I had ever class with Lily except one. Is that strange or what. Man was she a talker though. By the end of the day I was pretty sure I could sit down and write a biography about Lily Marie Johnson. Yep I knew her full name and on top of that I knew her favorite color, her birthday, the time she was born, how long it took her mom to push her out, and every little detail about her family; (she had 3 brothers). Lets just say I have never known this much about anyone. Not even my mother. Although Lily was a non stop talker, she had a little spunk about her and I liked that.

When the bell finally rang to release for the day Lily was still attached to my hip. “Well that was a fun day! So where do you live Emy?” I told her on Riverdale Rd. and the moment those words came out of my mouth that was the quietest I heard her all day. “Everything okay?” I asked. “Oh yeah just fine, great nieighborhood, see ya tomorrow!” There was a uneasiness in her voice and before I could say anything she was gone. Weird.

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