Christmas is Coming

Christmas is coming. The goose is getting fat.

Please put a penny in the old mans hat.

If you haven’t got a penny then a hay penny will do.

If you haven’t got a hay penny then God bless you!


That is the song that my mom, my sisters, and I always sing when Christmas is coming. I started singing that song already. I know Halloween is just around the corner and that Thanksgiving isn’t even here, but I cannot wait for Christmas and everything that comes with it! I have already started listening to Christmas music too!

For me personally I think it puts people in a better mood. Christmas makes people happy.

I love the traditions my family has. The first is we always have whiskey shrimp dinner on Christmas Eve. And that is with the whole family; cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. We light the shrimp on fire so we all will gather in the kitchen, turn the lights down low, and watch. It only lasts like a minute, but it is those minutes that you remember most and makes memories. The whiskey shrimp tastes delicious! It is a must have. Then we are all stuffed it is time for everyone to head home. When we arrive home my family gets to open one gift, and it is always a pair of new pajamas. Even though I know what it’ll be each year I still get excited to open it Christmas Eve night. Then off to bed with the anticipation of Christmas morning.

Ah Christmas morning. I know for a fact when I was little I never slept the night before. I was too anxious. Every Christmas morning we all wake up to the song You Gotta Get up (its Christmas morning) by Rich Mullins. That is the cue to get out of bed and run to the Christmas tree. Even if I am up before the song I just lay in bed until I hear that intro, then I jump out of bed and run upstairs. The morning is spent with just my family all opening our gifts from each other. Then later on more friends and family come over for brunch and we open gifts with them. The best part about it is we stay in our pajamas the whole time. It’s wonderful. After everyone leaves it’s hurry run take a shower and get ready. Then our family and others go to the movies. And it is always a double feature. Two movies back to back. It’s great. And that is how my family spends Christmas and I couldn’t ask for a better ways to do it!

I sure love Christmas!

One year we did have a BCE party (Best Christmas Ever) and it was an ugly sweater party. It was wonderful. So much fun hanging out with everyone and seeing all the “interesting” sweaters/outfits. You can just see a taste of it in the picture above. We may need to have a BCE party again. Who knows, or maybe something different this year. 🙂

I am sure many of you love Christmas as much as I do. What are your traditions? Favorite memories?



I cannot wait for you to come this year and everything that you bring with you! 🙂

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