For the LOVE of Necklaces.

I myself have an addiction to necklaces. I confess that every time I go shopping I usually, or most the time by one or multiple necklaces. Something about a necklace can just complete an outfit. I have days where I picture an outfit in my mind. Then when I go to piece it together it just isn’t what I imagined. Then I grab one of my fabulous necklaces and it makes the outfit so much better! Go ahead call me weird but it won’t change my love for necklaces. 🙂

Even my marvelous friend Kaylee Yarrington always ask me to help her pick out necklaces because “I’m good at it.” Psshh I don’t think so. But she has wonderful taste too. I mean we do have two of the same necklaces. I even buy an outfit inspired by a necklace and I believe nothing is wrong with that! 🙂 The pictures above are just a few favorites; it’s not even half of them!

So go out and by a necklace or two to complete that oh so perfect outfit of yours! Happy shopping!

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