Here’s to Reading

Recently a new library opened up right by my house. How exciting is that! I went there with my sister the other day and got three books and probably will finish about one and a half. I am currently reading this book though.

The Odyssey! I love this book. There are some people like my father who just “can’t” get into it and just don’t like it. As for me I can’t get enough of it. That was one thing I loved in high school; mythology,Shakespeare, English literature and… algebra. The different stories are so intriguing to me and I am able to sit down and enjoy the books for hours.

I have always known I wanted to be a teacher. Now I have decided I will either be a fourth grade teacher, or teach high school literature. You gotta teach what you love right? Talking with my Grandma she said I was just like my Grandpa. He was always thinking and he loved what I love now. I guess it’s in my blood. 🙂

My new goal is to read a lot more than I have been. Time to stop getting to caught up with other things and just be able to sit down and enjoy and marvelous book!

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