An Eventful Birthday Week

On Wednesday January, 7th I turned 18. My birthday week though started on Sunday the 4th. I went to church like usual, then to lunch, and then I had to go buy a book for school with my dad (he was paying). Well earlier Robbin called me because she wanted to hang out. I love Robbin and all but I didn’t want to hang out because it was my last day before school started back up again after break and it felt like I had so much to do. Well my mom and dad kept saying “you really should hang out with Robbin, she really wants to hang out with you”. So I gave in and said fine. Robbin picked me up at 5 and we didn’t really know what to do. Finally we decided to go to this cute cupcake bakery downtown by the Denver Zoo. When we got there the door was open but they were closed. They lady work still let us get cupcakes but we weren’t able to sit down and talk. Back on the highway we went to look for a Starbucks. Found one went through the drive through and then sat in the parking lot to eat our cupcakes and drink our Starbucks. We finished up by going to Target for a little bit. When we were leaving I started to realize that Robbin was texting and driving a lot. I glanced over at her and saw that she was texting we’re on 120th and sent it to my mom. hmmmmmmm….. Well earlier Sam and Heather Holmes invited me to come over and watch a movie or something. Being the kind person I am, I invited Robbin to come along. She said “sure, but lets go home so you can drive also in case I want to leave early”. Whatever. So we get home and Robbin says lets just run inside real quick. We walk in the door and I hear a little chatting and then some shhhhs. Turn the corner of the kitchen and SURPRISE!! There was a surprise party waiting for me! It was a lot of fun and I got to play Apples to Apples one of my favorite games. I also got some really cool gifts too! Thanks all that came!!

Then Wednesday rolled around my actual birthday day and my parents were so kind to excuse me from school. : ] Unfortunately both my parents had to work on that day but my plan was to get my nose pierced! I planned to go out to breakfast with Sam and Heather because Heather was going to get her nose pierced as well with me. Well things came up so they came a little later to pick me up which was fine so went and got Starbucks real quick. Robbin was paying for my nose so we met her at her work during her lunch and my mom and Alex tagged along too. Off we all went to Mile Hi tattoo place. The whole car ride there Robbin kept saying “it’s gonna hurt really bad, your gonna cry,” and I kept getting more and more nervous!  We arrive at the tattoo place and right away Heather and I fill out this question sheet before we actually got it done. My favorite question was – Do you realize getting a tattoo or piercing will change your appearance?- ha no duh! 🙂 After we we’re done I made Heather go first because I was too nervous! I was convinced that it was going to hurt extremely bad!! The guy said you better not watch then, so Robbin and I stayed out of the room and looked at tattoo pictures. Then it was my turn! Yikes! I walk into the room and my heart is pounding, I was thinking it was going to come out of my chest! I sit down and right away I ask  “Can I hold someones hand,” I grab Robbin’s hand and start squeezing right away even though nothing has happened. The guy kept telling me just to relax, but it’s kinda hard to when a needle is going to get put through your nose! He cleans of the side of my nose and I close my eyes immediately so I won’t know it’s coming! And before I know it’s over. My eyes watered some just because that’s what they did naturally but the first words out of my mouth were, “Guys I didn’t cry, my eyes are just watering, I promise  I didn’t cry!” In the end it actually didn’t hurt all that bad and no I have a cute little nose! Afterwards Sam and Heather surprised me by taking me to PF Changs for lunch.I love that place!  It was delicious! I had a very awesome birthday day!!

Then on Saturday the 10th I had a shopping day! My parents gift for my birthday was money so that I could get new clothes. I originally planned to go with Jenny and Jovan. Well early that morning Jenny texted me and said she couldn’t go because she was sick. I thought that’s okay it’ll still be fun with Jovan. Then Jovan texted me and said she couldn’t go because Averi was sick. Shoot! I still wanted to go so it ended up being a mother daughter day! We went to the Cherry Creek Mall and I got a lot of cute stuff!! I mean they even had a parade for me from noon to one, even though I didn’t make and appearance! ; ] To top it all off and the end of our shopping day I saw Chris Anderson aka the bird (Nuggets player) It was hilarious! My mom and I are walking through the mall and then this couple gets my attention because of there appearance. There was this SUPER tall guy with this short little girl. I thought huh that looks kinda of funny. I just glance at them and the guy is wearing sunglasses and a hat. We kept walking right past them the I turn around all the sudden. I glance back at the guy’s tattoo’s and suddenly realize who it was. I said to my mom. ” Mom that’s Chris Anderson!!” She said, ” I thought he looked like a basketball player.” I didn’t get to talk to him, but it was still cool to see him! : ]

Well my birthday week was more like 3 days but it was still fun. Thanks everybody who helped to make my 18th birthday so special!!

2 thoughts on “An Eventful Birthday Week

  1. You only look 13! And you may not want to hear that now, but in 20 years, you’ll be glad to have such a cute, youthful face! HAPPY DAYS – all of your year this year!

  2. It was so fun celebrating your birthday this year! I loved the shopping day we had together. Even if you bought a shirt that now you have to refer as the “cute boy” shirt.

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