A Right Hugger

Around this time last year i received my permit. I have to have it one year before i get my license and 50 hours of driving time and 10 hours of night driving time. Well in about a week or two i am going to get my license! yay! The sad part is i think i have only driven 5 hours not even, the whole time i have had my permit. I will gladly warn you when i get my license so you have time to get off the streets! :  ]

 The real driving experience started this last weekend when i FINALLY convinced my parents to take me driving (not in a parking lot but the real roads.) I have been enjoying it a lot except there is one problem……… i am a right hugger! I will be cruising down the road enjoying the scenery until you hear ethier my mom or dad say “You’re hugging the right.” I really don’t know why it is that i am drawn to the right of the road. There must be some magnetic connection or something. To me it always seems i am in the middle, but parents know everything right? And being the funny guy my dad is he says “Bikers are going to be scared of you!” : ] So i will warn you now, if you are a biker watch out for me on the streets.

So, i am hoping that within the next couple of weeks i can learn how to drive in my own lane! I also need to work on my parking too.

Well it seems i might not be getting my license in a couple of weeks……i have a lot of work to do!

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