Belize – 7/31/07 Day 4

Our second day of VBS went really well too. The kids started to pick up on all the songs and I enjoyed seeing them do all the actions. Kids are so much fun so I cherished every moment I got to spend with these kids!

After VBS we had lunch. Today we had mac & cheese, pork, & mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes were amazing, they make them so yummy down here! When lunch was through we did some visitations around the village. My group visited an older couple named Maxine and Lazarus. I didn’t get too much time to talk with them because of course I was hanging out with their two great granddaughters. One of them was going to VBS so it was fun to talk to her about it and see if she was having fun.

The next thing on our schedule was to go and visit a nursing home. At first it was really hard because I felt really uncomfortable, but then I sat down at a table and talked with a lady named Josephine. She was the sweetest thing ever! She talked to me about her kids a lot and were they lived and the one thing she kept asking me was if I spoke Spanish. Another cute lady was Viola that Lissa was talking to me. She would smile at me real big and then it a cute tiny voice say “Good Afternoon.”

It was pretty early when we got back to our hotel so I was glad to get a little extra sleep! : ) Overall it was another great day!

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