My Daddy and Me



I can say so many things about my Dad. One thing is I was mad at him because he took me off his shoulders. (picture above)

My Dad is one of the best dad’s ever, I am very thankful he is my father! I love him so much and let me just list a few reason’s why:

– There for me

– Makes me laugh

– Supportive

– Helps me with homework

– Fun

– Giving

– Kills spiders for me = ]

– Gives great advice

This is only a start. The truth word’s can’t describe dad, he is just that AWESOME! The truth is my Dad is my hero!

Thanks Dad for everything! You have helped me so much through these 17 years of life. You’ve helped me become the woman I am today. You have taught me many life lessons and you always know what to do. Best of all you are a great loving father to me! Thanks!



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